SaIran medical equipments industry will be the leading supplier, producer and exporter of Patient Monitoring Systems, Defibrillators and Surgical Implants in the region and foremost performer of Smart Hospitals in Iran in 2024.

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✓Forging ahead daily

“Sairan Medical Equipment Industry” as the subsidiary of Isfahan Optic Industries was found in Isfahan in 1986 with mission to deliver high quality, competitively priced medical devices to Iran market in order to improve healthcare system and to make it more accessible and affordable. Our company goal in the future is to develop our international market. Over 15 years of experience in Patient Monitors & Medical Suctions production, 10 years of experience in Electroen cephalogram (EEG) production and being the first performer of Smart Hospitals in the country make us the leading company in Iran Medical Market. Great experience in production of high-tech medical systems has been the outcome of years of research. Over 180 experts are now working in our R&D department. Manufacturing of various medical products such as Patient Monitors, Surgical Suctions, Telemedicine Devices and Surgical Implants have been outcome of years of research. We are honored to acknowledge implementation of quality systems as well as achievement of CE , a dramatic quality promotion . Taking advantages of EFQM excellence model we are driving towards being more competitive implementing ISO 9001 quality system and ISO 13485 were to most important promotion factors in response to customers needs in recent years. We believe that satisfaction of customers needs requires drawing line beyond the standard necessities.


SaIran Medical Equipment Industry Quality Policy

Our Mission
Designing and producing of medical equipment parts, products and systems in order to provide the needs of medical centers.
Vision of the company
Our vision is to focus on systematic approach of quality managing, applying continues improving policy and compliance of all activities and procedures with quality standards necessities. And also observing the rules and regulations, research and development, innovating medical devices using modern technology in order to support and satisfaction of customers have been always considered.
We put our effort to pursuit of the following goals all the time:
1. Improving medical equipment market as much as possible
2. Applying modern technology and science along with increasing variety of products
3. Providing full support and high customer satisfaction
4. Developing and betterment of human resources by the mean of upgrading the knowledge of employees with necessary trainings and Increasing their social welfare
5. Effective maintenance of quality management systems
6. Raising the quality level of the company products with maintaining and increasing the quality of outsourcing products
7. Continues improvement of handling complaints process in order to be trusted by customers and society

Our exemplar
Quality management system based on ISO 10002:2004, ISO 13485:2012, ISO 9001:2008

Our commitment
Me as the CEO of SaIran Med Industries and all the employees in order to achieving what mentioned as goals of the company with the help of God and adhere to the principles, policies and standards like ISO 13485:2012, ISO 9001:2008 will do our best.
Also we are committed in accordance with the necessities of ISO 10002:2004 standard without any prejudgment and observance of ethics; we will do our responsibilities about complaints till complete satisfaction of customers and we use the analysis of results to improve procedures and products in future. The above policies are as a frame to determine the annual quality objectives and in order to continuity of accordance of company circumstances will be reviewed every year.

CEO of SaIran Medical Company
Mehrdad Rahmatnia